Heart Awareness Month

As we enter Heart Awareness Month this February, I encourage all of our clients to take the steps needed to improve their heart health!  It is such a critically important organ for health and vitality.  In our office, cardiovascular care hits very close to home for many of us.  Often times our clients are unaware of the individual challenges our staff face personally and with their loved ones.  Many of you know our amazing P.A. Dana Kirk.  But many of you may not know that Dana also has a beautiful, talented, and spirited daughter Devyn.  Devyn was born with a very rare heart condition.  In fact, her condition is so rare she was the first in the nation to undergo specialized surgery to correct some of the issues she faces.  Sweet Devyn is quite the miracle, and inspires all of us in the office!  Just recently Dana, Devyn, and family all went to Florida to enjoy Disney World, and to meet with Dr. Mavroudis who performed one of Devyn’s specialized surgeries.  He is known internationally for his incredible results.  He and Devyn will be working together in the near future to continue to make more miracles a reality.

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