Inner Beauty Shines

WOW!!!! Secret Keeper Girl Crazy Hair Tour event- What a spectacular event that teaches girls about their inner beauty, the beauty that God has created. We talked about Christ’s love for us- 2 Corinthians 5: 13-14.

Last year Gracie dedicated her life to Jesus, this year Caprice dedicated her life to Jesus.

Thank you Lord that they will always follow you….

Triplets Dance


Heart Awareness Month

As we enter Heart Awareness Month this February, I encourage all of our clients to take the steps needed to improve their heart health!  It is such a critically important organ for health and vitality.  In our office, cardiovascular care hits very close to home for many of us.  Often times our clients are unaware of the individual challenges our staff face personally and with their loved ones.  Many of you know our amazing P.A. Dana Kirk.  But many of you may not know that Dana also has a beautiful, talented, and spirited daughter Devyn.  Devyn was born with a very rare heart condition.  In fact, her condition is so rare she was the first in the nation to undergo specialized surgery to correct some of the issues she faces.  Sweet Devyn is quite the miracle, and inspires all of us in the office!  Just recently Dana, Devyn, and family all went to Florida to enjoy Disney World, and to meet with Dr. Mavroudis who performed one of Devyn’s specialized surgeries.  He is known internationally for his incredible results.  He and Devyn will be working together in the near future to continue to make more miracles a reality.

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Game Night!

Triplets Movie Night 

My new favorite way to make memories…Family Game Night!  My hope and prayer is that our kids will always want to hang out with Mommy & Daddy on Friday night!

Owl Sighting!

We were driving in our neighborhood and stopped to stare at this owl. It was so fascinating… close, so beautiful and just stared us in the eyes the whole time we were there….well until the kids decided they wanted to see him fly! :)

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Blood Moon!

I love this picture of the blood moon!  We are so fortunate to have a beautiful view of the night sky right from our backyard.  It is such a treat to come home after a long day and relax while watching God’s amazing creation.

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I’m Back and Ready For More Life Adventures

Story of my life…….I’m behind on blogging for HallBlessedtimesthree!  This picture is a glimpse of our life…… because life is crazy, fun, exciting and there’s never a dull moment when raising triplets.

If our kids had their choice this is how they would live life every second of the day. Although Mommy does pull them back in for a little sanity!  I have been spending time reflecting on 2014 and all the wonderful memories we have made.  I treasure my time with our family and will be posting on our past year….

God is so amazing and I thank HIM every day for our family and pray HE molds me to be the best Mom HE has called me to be. 



Triplets 1

A Snowy Thanksgiving

We took our first long road trip this past Thanksgiving! We drove from Austin to San Angelo, and stopped to hang out with Granny and Pepa.  We even helped Granny get some of the Christmas decorations out and start decorating.

After that we were off to Colorado to ski. Oh my goodness….talk about memories! First of all we had so many laughs on the slopes, especially with some of Daddy’s falls! First I would make sure he was ok then start crying I was laughing so hard. The kids were in heaven with all the snow!  They would play outside until their hands and faces couldn’t take anymore cold.

Our Thanksgiving dinner was defiantly different without all the family and traditional recipes, but it was so memorable with just the five of us.  I’ll never forget it!

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